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HS Course Description

Living Environment
Two sections, one taught by Mr. McLaurin and Mr. Robinson and one taught by Ms. de la Cruz, is a soft natural science course that stresses inquiry and depends upon the basic relationships of the physical sciences as well as living things. Both the presentation of content and the development of process skills will be critical components of this course. In our course there is a focus on the major concepts in biology and their connections. Additionally, the Curriculum Framework provides a basis for students to develop a deep conceptual understanding as well as opportunities to integrate biological knowledge and the science practices through inquiry-based activities and laboratory investigations.

Taught by Mr. Perez, focuses on personal health and fitness, resource management and creating a safe and healthy environment. Our health curriculum will follow the suggested pacing guide for high school comprehensive health education, using the High School HealthSmart and Reducing the Risk curriculums. The units of study include nutrition & physical activity, emotional and mental health, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug prevention, activities in sexual health, abstinence, and relationships, and infectious diseases.

Spanish 1
Taught by Ms. Valera, is designed to develop the students’ ability with the language. The course will be focused in a variety of communicative activities that improve the reading, writing, speaking and listening skill in the language. Also, the class has a focus on learning on many about cultural aspects in many of the Spanish speaking countries.

Film Studies
Taught by Ms. Mamuya, focuses on watching films and translating your knowledge and opinions into informative, engaging and even possibly infuriating reviews. With practical activities throughout the course, you’ll learn how to express your opinions about a movie to an audience. You’ll leave this course with greater confidence and a clearer understanding of the secret to write a great review after watching a movie.

Game Theory
Taught by Mr. Lopes, encourages students to play an assortment of games– video, board, or sports– and analyze the conditions present in a student’s game of choice. Using concepts from game theory, the branch of mathematics concerned with the analysis of strategies for dealing with competitive situations where the outcome of a participant’s choice of action depends critically on the actions of other participants, students will contrive strategies, or effective plans of action, to win or find success in their game of choice.

Survival Literature
Taught by Mr. G. Fox, has students read novels about drastic wilderness experiences and how the characters in these stories managed to stay alive. The literature will act as a gateway to talk about real life situations, scenarios, and how you and your classmates can survive in dangerous and challenging environments. The class will combine reading, writing, and acting through all different types of wilderness survival.